Top 5 Vintage & Thrift Store Picks

Top 5 Vintage & Thrift Store Picks

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Wearing: Zara top | L train vintage Army jacket + Pants | Chess and the Sphinx vintage bag

armyjacket corset redbandana Image 4 of FLOWING PALAZZO TROUSERS from Zara Image 2 of FLOWING TROUSERS from Zara

For my loves out there who enjoy the hunt for the perfect garment or accessory, Brooklyn’s many vintage and thrift shops offer plenty of opportunities for adventure. First things first, theirs a significant difference between a thrift and a vintage shop. A vintage clothing item is one that is at least 20 years old. Most clothing considered vintage dates from the 1920s – 1980s. Pre-1920s clothing is considered antique. Thrift stores on the other hand don’t care when the clothes were made. They traditionally sell secondhand clothes and other household items. There you’ll typically find fast fashion pieces and former fads at bargain prices.  

For hipsters and fashionistas alike, collecting and wearing vintage clothing is, ironically, fashion forward. I personally LOVE hunting for unique pieces that set my wardrobe apart. I get such a rush when I find that perfect piece that fits like it was custom made! So, here’s a little break down of my favs:

1: L Train Vintage: NUMBER ONE FOR A REASON! It’s my humble opinion that L Train Vintage is by far the best vintage store in Brooklyn. For starters they have 6 locations! 5 in Brooklyn and 1 in the East Village. They even have an online shop. I frequent the Bushwick location because its SO close to my apartment and it happens to be its largest location. I scored both the Army jacket and the wide leg pants there AND I spent less than $10 on each piece. Need I say more? 

2. Chess and The Sphinx: A close second fav is this tiny, super chic vintage shop. It has more of a boutique feel which means less clothes to search through, but every piece in there truly is a gem. A place where fashion treasures hide just waiting to be found. The prices are also shocking! The entire aesthetic of the place lead me to think that it would be a vintage store out of my price range, but I was so wrong! I have gotten 1940’s leather handbags for under $50 and staple pieces for less than $30! It’s an absolute must if you’re ever hunting in Bushwick. 

3. Worship: Another hidden gem nestled in Bushwick. This unisex boutique has 2 locations Echo Park, LA & Brooklyn, NY. They offer a highly curated collection of vintage clothing and accessories from the 1990s. Some of my favorite pieces in closet I found in Worship, from a Celtic Frost vintage tee to a Marc Jacobs summer dress. The buyers absolutely kill it and the prices are very reasonable. 

4. Beacon’s Closet: Is known by the Village Voice as New York City’s best used clothing store. The Gothamist named them one of the best thrift stores in NYC. And New York Magazine said “These chic little shops are stuffed with stylish, lightly used downtown essentials and groovy vintage pieces . . . There’s a great selection of used Levi’s and hip T-shirts.” With 4 locations 3 in Brooklyn and 1 in Manhattan. Locals confirm that Beacon’s closet is THE place to buy-sell-trade. 

5. Friends: The perfect combination of thrift, vintage, retail, and name brands. Located in the heart of artsy Bushwick. They truly have something for everybody! They carry, women’s and men’s, contemporary and vintage clothing, accessories, and footwear. The prices might not be as low as L Train or Beacon’s closet, but definetly reasonable. 

xo, L

#OOTD 5.18

#OOTD 5.18









10Wearing: Anthropologie Pants | Fashion Nova Crop top | Millionairess Bomber | Necessary Clothing Mules |East of the River Nile Necklace

           Fashion_Nova  anhro   bish-bomber   Cloud_Nine_Loafers

The Spring/Summer season is here in NYC so, today I’m talking about a few of my fav pieces that are all priced under $60 (except for the bomber.) Two of the biggest trends that have surfaced for this season are wide leg pants and mules/slides. Anthropologie has an amazing selection of mules & slides that I absolutely recommend to dress any outfit up or down! Necessary clothing also has a great selection of Gucci inspired mules for less than $25!

I styled these Anthropolgie pants with a Fashion Nova crop and the Millionairess bomber to keep warm. What I love about each of these pieces are their ability to be versatile. Each piece can be mix and matched creating various looks for the seasons to come!

Now, this statement necklace might easily be my favorite accessory I own. It was hand made in Afghanistan and brought to the states by East of the River Nile store owner Ron Munschy. His quiet little shop surrounds you in treasures from all over the world. From handmade jewelry & clothing to furniture & stained glass lamps. For now you can only shop his collection in store (on Block Island) or by phone, but online shopping is coming soon!

xo, L

Use code ‘MILLI15’ for 15% off Millionairess purchases
@takethecann0lis Photography

4.25 Athliesure + MILLIONEIRESS

4.25 Athliesure + MILLIONEIRESS




Wearing: Nike sweatpants | Forever 21 crop top | Millioneiress bomber | H&M booties 

Athliesure has easily become my favorite trend of 2017 thus far. Any fad that allows me to go to a bar in a pair of baggy sweats and still look trendy really makes this girl happy.

Lemme talk about this bomber for a minute though! Bomber jackets have been back, but Millioneiress puts a unique spin on the already popular jacket. Check out their website and you’ll see that owner Leah Kirsch hand paints not only bombers, but denim and camo jackets with women empowerment slogans. The brand was created to empower women to be unapologetically themselves, to recognize her uniqueness and embrace her flaws just as much as her assets.

I genuinely vibe with their values and dig the entire line of GIRL POWER merchandise. Take a look for yourself and use code ‘MILLI15’ for 15% off!


xo, L

4.20 @TheTravelinBum Launch Party

4.20 @TheTravelinBum Launch Party

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Wearing: Ann Taylor pants & suit jacket | Victoria Secret corset | Michael Kors heels 

A dear friend of mine and the creator of the Instagram account @thetravelinbum hosted a launch party last night at Beautique NYC. He created a platform with the goal of turning a typically stressful process of coming out into one that is therapeutic and inspiring. He explains, “The nudity is something that makes light of what may be a difficult situation. The concept of nudity behind The Travelin’ Bum was to allow people to ‘free’ themselves from their secrets they have been holding in. It allows them to bare it all and be their true self, finally.”

As last night rolled around I was yet again unprepared outfit wise. With no time to go shopping I had to pull something together quick from my closet. I spent my high school and college summers working at Ann Taylor so as you can imagine the majority of my clothes are from there. All black is my go to look, so I reached for my  Ann Taylor suit from their petite collection (which is unbelievable and also 40% off right now) and decided to sex it up a bit with a Victoria Secret corset and Michael Kors heels. I’m obsessed with this look and can’t wait to recreate it!

xo, L

04.01 ZERO The Masquerade : A Fool’s Paradise

04.01 ZERO The Masquerade : A Fool’s Paradise






Wearing: Nasty Gal pants & mask | Necessary clothing body suit | H&M earrings

Tasteful debauchery, world class sound, unique art installations, and undeniable positive vibrations filled a Bushwick warehouse from sundown to sun rise on the first of April. The ZERO community put on a magically, mysterious celebration with the sounds of





Milo Häfliger

Lost Desert

Daniel Cowel



Stephanie Roxanne

We had the chance to snap a few pics of what we wore, so I wanted to post a few pics so you could get some outfit inspiration especially with festival season upon us!

xo, L