L Train Vintage finds





Wearing: L Train vintage flannel | Necessary clothing thigh highs | Chanel bag | Ann Taylor belt  | Forever 21 hat



Wearing: Necessary clothing Jacket & lace up boots | Zara top & shorts | Chess and the Sphinx Bag

I don’t know about y’all, but thrift store shopping is my favorite way to spend a Saturday afternoon. When money is tight, but you can’t kick your shopping addiction vintage thrifting is the way to go! And luckily for me I live among an abundance of the best vintage thrift stores in Brooklyn. I’ve checked them all out so you don’t have to.

I found this gem of a flannel at the L train Vintage store in Bushwick. It’s clearly a men’s shirt, but because I’m 5 foot nothing I wear it as a dress paired with an Ann Taylor belt, Necessary clothing’s thigh high boots, and a Chanel bag. The shirt was $8.00! It may seem strange to pair an 8 dolla holla with a $3,000 Chanel bag, but how else can you afford a Chanel bag if you don’t cut corners else where? You feel me?!

The second looks is pulled together by this beautiful 1940’s handbag from Chess and the sphinx. I paired it with necessary clothing’s thigh high lace ups and jacket. Along with a monochromatic set from Zara.

Below are links to my favorite vintage thrift shops that I have personally given my stamp of approval.

Other vintage thrift stores to check out :

L Train Vintage


Chess and the Sphinx

Beacons Closet


Marché Rue Dix

Happy shopping loves!

xo, L

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