4.20 @TheTravelinBum Launch Party

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Wearing: Ann Taylor pants & suit jacket | Victoria Secret corset | Michael Kors heels 

A dear friend of mine and the creator of the Instagram account @thetravelinbum hosted a launch party last night at Beautique NYC. He created a platform with the goal of turning a typically stressful process of coming out into one that is therapeutic and inspiring. He explains, “The nudity is something that makes light of what may be a difficult situation. The concept of nudity behind The Travelin’ Bum was to allow people to ‘free’ themselves from their secrets they have been holding in. It allows them to bare it all and be their true self, finally.”

As last night rolled around I was yet again unprepared outfit wise. With no time to go shopping I had to pull something together quick from my closet. I spent my high school and college summers working at Ann Taylor so as you can imagine the majority of my clothes are from there. All black is my go to look, so I reached for my  Ann Taylor suit from their petite collection (which is unbelievable and also 40% off right now) and decided to sex it up a bit with a Victoria Secret corset and Michael Kors heels. I’m obsessed with this look and can’t wait to recreate it!

xo, L

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